Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

 The annual picture in front of the fireplace. Kelsey, Jordan, Maddie, Caroline and Emma.
 Jordan is a cross between a Roman goddess and an Egyptian princess.
 Kelsey is a mad lady in black!

Well, it has been awhile since I have posted anything.  Life has been very busy, but I felt I needed to post the annual Halloween costumes.  The girls have been so busy with school that we did not even crave pumpkins this year.  The first time in their young lives. These costumes were put together in roughly 5 minutes....not too bad considering.  It was good to hear them laugh and crack stupid jokes. You would have thought this was their first time to trick or treat!  Afterwards, they all came back and swapped candy that they didn't like and watched The Sing Off.

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