Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Advent Halloween

 Our small group of girls dressed up as flamingos for the Halloween party at church.  We were out pretending to flock the church before everyone arrived. Great fun and lots of horn toots from cars driving by.
 Here is our great group of girls....aren't they cute!  Minnie is one of ours also.
 Here is my sweet kitty cat....so adorable....I just want to hug her!
This costume got a lot of laughs.  Are those my jeans on your arm?

Halloween 2011

 The annual picture in front of the fireplace. Kelsey, Jordan, Maddie, Caroline and Emma.
 Jordan is a cross between a Roman goddess and an Egyptian princess.
 Kelsey is a mad lady in black!

Well, it has been awhile since I have posted anything.  Life has been very busy, but I felt I needed to post the annual Halloween costumes.  The girls have been so busy with school that we did not even crave pumpkins this year.  The first time in their young lives. These costumes were put together in roughly 5 minutes....not too bad considering.  It was good to hear them laugh and crack stupid jokes. You would have thought this was their first time to trick or treat!  Afterwards, they all came back and swapped candy that they didn't like and watched The Sing Off.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hiking in the Georgia Mountains

To wrap up our trip in Helen, we decided to quick hike Anna Ruby Falls.  It will cost you $2 a person to enter but is worth it if you have gone that far.  The hike is mainly uphill but is on a paved path while you are surrounded by the lush forest.  It is less than 1/2 mile so anyone can do it.  I know if I can, you can.  This used to be the one spot we would take our visitors from the North when we lived in Atlanta.  Enjoy the pictures.

Stay tuned for our latest letterbox adventures!!!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wedding of Bev & Ryan Quinn

This past week-end we celebrated the marriage of Bev Taylor and Ryan Quinn.  They were both students in my Sunday School class at Messiah Lutheran.  This is just making me feel a little bit older. The wedding was held in Helen, GA so we were able to make a mini-vacation out of it.  We tubed the Hooch two times, once on Saturday and then again on Sunday.  It was incredibly hot outside so this cooled us down.

 The View from the top of the mountain where they were married.

 Looks like the FBI showed up...wonder what trouble those two kids might have been in?
 The mother of the groom, my good friend, Cheryl Quinn with her son Trevor.
 Pastor John from Messiah Lutheran Church.

 The anticipation, waiting for the bride to come out...plus baking in the heat!

 Brock and Donna. I took their wedding pictures almost seven years ago.

 Is he not the cutest little ring bearer?

 These girls could not have been cuter!  They did their job well.

 The father of the groom gets a first peek at the bride...and is happy.

 The bride and her father. I think weddings are hard on all dads with little girls.

 We did it! Yey, it's official!

 This is where we stayed and where the reception was. Our room was on the second floor near the tree. Great view of the river and all of the tubers.

This is also the same place where Kirk and I stayed on our very first trip to Helen almost 23 years ago.  It has not changed much.  Great location, right in the middle of town. 

We could not pass up the yummy baked good at the German bakery. The girls each got a chocolate cream puff and Kirk and I got eclairs.  I ate mine in honor of my father. That was our treat growing up.  I'll never forget the time we ate them in Door County.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Piano recital

Today, I finally uploaded some film I took of the girls at their recital.  Check it out.  They have come a long way.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSMe_nPw-fQ for Kelsey's and Jordan's

Monday, May 23, 2011

Kelsey's Birthday

Today my baby girl turns "Sweet 16".  I ask myself where the time has gone.  We toasted "Cokes" to her day and spent most of the morning outside because it was another glorious morning.  The birds were singing all around us and then a cool wind kept us refreshed.  The baby bluebird eggs were missing this morning.  I sure hope a big, mean Blue Jay did not eat them.  There were about 4 eggs in one of our gourds near the deck.\

Both girls were off to swim team to help with guppies and then have their own practice.  Home to shower, Panera Bread for dinner and then to top it off, Pirates of the Caribbean for entertainment!

I've also found a book that I find myself picking up every time I have a minute.  It's Split Second by David Baldacci.  I think I may need to read all of his books this summer.  Nothing like a good mystery.

Here is my sweet 16 baby!  I even made the cookie cake and homemade frosting.....what a mess!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Busy Saturday

I realize that I want to include photos with my posts but will always be a day behind.  So it may be Sunday when I am writing about Saturday's activities.

After spending all hours of the night watching movies, scrapbooking and looking at old photos, no one was ready to rise early the next morning.  Kirk was the only one awake and enjoying a beautiful morning, with the birds singing, on the deck doing work.  Actually, I believe I really woke up when the new neighbors moving trucks arrived around 8 a.m. but didn't get out of bed until 10:30. Still dragging around today.  Jordan was such a good hostess and made all of her friends waffles for breakfast.  After everyone left, we dressed and headed out to the Greenville Downtown Airport to find out about the Young Eagles program.  Well, they do not offer the Young Eagles program here but did tell us all about flying and becoming a pilot.  I took a couple of photos of the plane we checked out.  Too bad all the private jets that flew in for the BMW Classic were all gone already.  Maybe we could have spotted a celebrity!!!!

The rest of the afternoon, I worked on the following table decorations for the confirmation dinner at Advent.  Finished painting the sticks just in time to get to the dinner and help out.  We had a team of 12-15 youth helpers that did an awesome job of serving the confirmands, parents and mentors dinner.  I included a picture of how it turned out. I used the Cricut Inspired Heart cartridge using my gypsy.

We also celebrated the end of the year for youth group at Advent UMC with messy night.  Here is a picture of Jordan all decorated up sweet.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Birthday night

Wow, it's Friday and we are bone tired.  The girls and I worked the used home school book sale all day yesterday. Sold a lot but also brought home a lot of books.  Looks like I will be ebaying in the upcoming future. The flexibility of homeschooling has come in handy today.  We slept late and have been getting the house cleaned up for a little birthday celebration tonight.  My baby turned 14 last week and we are celebrating tonight with a home cooked meal of grilled hamburgers, potato pops and salad.  We will add some sparkling juice from IKEA to make it special. Yummy!  Here is some of the yummy food and cake we enjoyed.